Max Verstappen To us now is not important the speed

Макс Ферстаппен: Для нас сейчас не важна скорость

The pilot of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen said that at the moment pre-season testing, the Austrian team does not work over speed RB13, and checks the reliability of a new car.

Yesterday Daniel ricciardo drove 50 laps, and today Max managed to reel 89 laps, finishing third in the results table.

“Now we are not going to show his speed, said Verstappen. Is only the first test week second test day. At the moment, much more important to wind the mileage and check the operation of all systems. A few days later, we will see how fast this machine”.

When Verstappen was asked to compare the results of the first test days with the results of RBR, Mercedes and Ferrari, the Dutchman said: “it is too early to compare the results.

They work on their own program, we are. Later we will see how strong they are.

I repeat, we do not focus on the times. It is still too early. We don’t know what exactly do the rest. I can say that we can be happy with this day.”

Tomorrow on the tests to work with RB13 will continue Riccardo.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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