Max Verstappen not worried about problems with engine Renault

Макса Ферстаппена не беспокоят проблемы с двигателем Renault

The pilot of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen not worried about problems with the power plant of Renault, which was RB13 in the second day of the final block of pre-season tests in Barcelona.

In the morning the mechanics RBR had to change the power plant of Renault due to a faulty MGU-K. a Similar problem has led to the fact that Max stopped his car near the 13th turn in the end of the day.

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“I can say that the fuel I have is not over. We were only two laps to overcome the racing distance, – Max said, showed the fourth result on the environment. We collected a lot of information, but, unfortunately, the car had to stop because of similar problems that we had in the morning.

I think Renault already has plans for replacement of this element of the power plant ahead of Melbourne. I always try to stay positive and not think about the bad.

This is exactly what is needed and tests it is necessary to check all the details to sure how good they are, and where you can improve. We learned a lot of new things today, and it will help us in the future.

While it is difficult to understand where we are in comparison with competitors, as all work with different quantity of fuel in the tanks.

The car is still quite new, so we can often change settings until that moment, until we find the right one. When this happens, we will move in the right direction and will be able to improve the results.

There is still a lot of work. We still have not managed to test all possible settings of the machine, but so far, so good. A good balance makes the car predictable in management.”

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