Martin Brundle pilots became more confident in turns

Мартин Брандл: У пилотов стало больше уверенности в поворотах

Former Formula 1 driver and current Sky Sports F1 expert Martin Brundle shared his impressions from observing the new machine on the tests in Barcelona.

“It is evident that cars have become faster in all parts of the route, – quotes Brandl Sky Sports F1. Not to say that the speed is astonishing, but I noticed that the riders become much more confident in turns and in braking stage, and coupling the output was better.

In the tenth rotation was much less mistakes than I’ve seen normally. As a rule, training in one of four cases someone blocked the wheels, went a little wider path.

See why drivers like new cars – they are less heavy when steering into bends. I also heard that the tyre degradation was much smaller, you can drive 25 laps and rubber will still be in working condition.

Will the race more interesting? That is another question.”

Brandl also shared his opinion about the alignment of forces.

“Judging by conversations with some people from the paddock, Mercedes can be a definite advantage. But Ferrari and Red Bull Racing are very close to him, so that’s a good sign. Williams is also very strong, and the struggle in the middle group planned a very dense, he said. – My only concern is that Mercedes can hide your true potential and break away when you need it. But at least now it looks like they are within reach.

I hope we have a tight battle on the track. I hear different opinions about how easy it is to chase your rivals and outrun. There is a feeling that everything may depend on the configuration of a car – features front wing, pontoons, especially on cars with the “shark fin”.

Shark fin actually doesn’t look as ugly as in the photos. However, I can’t call myself a fan of this decision.

We were promised a great car – low, wide, sexy. In principle it is, but these additional aerodynamic elements will not add entertainment”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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