Mark Webber: it is too early to judge the speed of the new machine Red Bull

Марк Уэббер: Пока рано судить о скорости новой машины Red Bull

Former Formula 1 driver mark Webber has urged not to write off Red Bull Racing from the accounts in anticipation of season 2017.

In connection with a change in the aerodynamic rules in 2017, the Austrian team was deemed winter one of the main favorites. However, the pre-season tests was difficult for Christian Horner. Unlike its major rivals, Mercedes and Ferrari, RBR has not shown good lap time and also faced problems in the power plant of Renault.

“That kind of performance on the tests is typical for Red Bull Racing, so I wouldn’t draw conclusions about their form, – quotes Webber – The only thing you can say – they’re not too great distance. But the pace is still unclear.

I think Red Bull should have been done phenomenal work on the aerodynamics to compensate for the lag in engine power from Ferrari and Mercedes.

Soon it will be clear if they managed to build a fast enough car to fight for pole positions, the first series and the lead in the race. It is difficult, but still doable task.”

The Aussie also praised Ferrari, the pilots who had completed pre-season tests on the first two lines of the combined Protocol.

“Ferrari was a surprise. Even adjusted for the fact that it was just tests, they looked very good, added Webber. – In terms of reliability they were also on a par with Mercedes, so at the moment in the Scuderia can be satisfied with the work done”.

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