Mark Webber: Fernando Alonso could not withstand the whole season 2017 at McLaren-Honda

Марк Уэббер: Фернандо Алонсо может не выдержать весь сезон-2017 в McLaren-Honda

The ex-pilot F1 mark Webber believes Fernando Alonso could leave McLaren without waiting for the end of season 2017, if Honda fails to solve the problem of reliability and capacity of its power plant in the near future.

After a bad pre-season tests in Barcelona, McLaren-Honda come unprepared to the debut Grand Prix of the season in Australia.

In the race the Spaniard for a long time was the tenth, but in the end failed to finish because of breakage of the suspension.

After the competition in Melbourne, Alonso said that on pure pace, McLaren occupies the last place.

“Maybe Fernando will not stand the entire season at McLaren, – said the Australian in an interview with Belgian news Agency Sporza. – He is extremely disappointed with the situation. He is not interested to fight for sixth or seventh place.

It perceives the situation not as Stoffel Vandorn, for which glasses is very important. Fernando doesn’t need glasses, he wants to fight for podiums. From a psychological point of view, it is far from a stable state”.

Recall that a valid contract of Alonso with McLaren expires at the end of this year.

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