Mario Isola: the fastest cars in the history of Formula 1

Марио Изола: Это самые быстрые машины в истории Формулы 1

New head of Motorsport Pirelli Mario Isola summed up the pre-season tests in 2017 in Barcelona.

“For eight days of tests, we have achieved most of the goals which it set itself,’ said Isola. – This week we confirmed the results of the first week of tests: it was important for us to know that after overheating the tires quickly return to the optimal temperature window. For us this is extremely important because it was requested by the pilots.

If you compare with the tests last week, in the last four days the team was designed to work on speed and simulate race pace in anticipation of the beginning of the season.

Despite the fact that the machine is not yet disclosed its full potential, we’ve already got the fastest lap in the entire history of this configuration of the circuit in Barcelona: this round was faster than last year’s pole position for three seconds, the pole position of 2015 – six seconds.

Thus, the goal is to be five seconds faster than the 2015 was already reached in Barcelona last week.

If you take into account the fact that the fastest laps on the tests were shown not typical of Barcelona’s buses, and that during the season the machine will be fast to evolve, it speaks about the phenomenal potential of the new generation vehicles. We can already say that the new era of F1 has produced the fastest car in the history of sports”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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