Mario Isola: Now the Formula 1 will become more real overtaking

Марио Изола: Теперь в Формуле 1 станет больше настоящих обгонов

The head of Motorsport Pirelli’s Mario Isola compared the new Formula 1 car with the aircraft, and expressed the opinion that due to the high physical activity pilots will be more likely to make mistakes.

“Last year, the congestion in the turns was 4G, and now peak closer to 6G. Fighter pilots are subjected to 9G, so we can safely say that the new vehicles like planes, – quotes the Isola SpeedWeek. – Requirements to the physical form of the riders has increased dramatically.

I am sure that after the finish they will look tired. In my opinion, because of this fatigue possible errors, and therefore, the opponent’s attack”.

On the question of whether there is less overtaking because of the increased downforce, Isola said: “More wear resistant tires allow riders to attack for a greater period of time.

Due to less degradation to harass the opponent a flush becomes more difficult, but it is worth noting one positive aspect. Yes, we will see less overtaking, but the fans will perceive them as real.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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