Liberty Media may revise the regulations on the engines

В Liberty Media могут пересмотреть регламент на двигатели

Despite the fact that recently the FIA President Jean Todt said that F1 will not return to the more noisy and powerful engines, the Executive Director of Liberty Media Greg Maffei adheres to the opposite point of view.

Jean Todt: We’ll never get the V10 and V12 engines in Formula 1

When the conference 2017 Deutsche Bank Media & Telecom at Maffee asked whether Liberty Media to go back to big engines, Greg said, “Yes, we need to do something in the area of engines. You need to decide on the system of DRS, format, qualification and equitable sharing of the prize between the teams.

If you take, for example, the NFL, there is a hard salary cap, the complexity of schedules and the draft. All these factors justify the strength of the teams. In F1 the difference in funding is enormous: the top teams are spending 500 million, while the team from the depths of the peloton – only 100 million. To solve this problem is extremely difficult.

That’s why we need to adjust the level of the payouts in the sport. We need to make the race become more competitive. Perhaps in part this will be achieved through changes in structural work teams.”

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