Lewis Hamilton with Any of the companions in the past, I didn’t get along so well, as with Valtteri Bottas

Льюис Хэмилтон: Ни с одним из напарников в прошлом я не ладил так хорошо, как с Валттери Боттасом

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has given an exclusive interview to the official F1 website in which he spoke about relations with Valtteri Bottas, own public persona and what he thinks about the fact that he is considered the main favorite for the title in 2017.

That the bookmakers consider him a favorite of the new season: “Oh yeah? I didn’t know that. Good to hear. I can say that I became stronger from a physical point of view: I’m working harder than ever. Also I’m focused on the goal and motivated. Last year I also worked hard, but failed to produce results. I intend to change things in 2017.

It seems to me that no other team has been able to continue their winning pace after the change of the rules. This is a big goal for us. We want to stay ahead. It will be a very interesting season for all.”

About Valtteri Battese: “Valtteri is a witty and sometimes very funny guy, but people don’t usually expect that of Finns (laughs). I like that we are with Valtteri perform all work on the track, not outside it. Between us no games we are honest with each other. I like it.

We have such a good relationship, which I was not one of the companions in the past. In his debut season with Mercedes he wants to perform as successfully as possible, and I, in turn, need to ensure maximum information that would help him to adapt.

About his own public persona: “I believe that publicity plays into my hand. While I give the result as long as me will know how driving formula and on the red carpet, I will be able to secure a future after a career racer.

Almost all pilots know very well while they speak, but as soon as they appear on the red carpet, everyone starts to wonder who they are? That is why many of them have to go back to the paddock. I have other plans for the future.”

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