Lewis Hamilton: the denser the struggle, the sweeter the victory

Льюис Хэмилтон: Чем плотнее борьба, тем приятнее победа

Three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton said that with interest waiting for the departure of the machine Red Bull Racing on the Friday practice the Grand Prix of Australia.

As many believe, at the winter tests in Barcelona, the Austrian team has worked with the conservative specification of the machine and prefer to defer the update until the first race of the season.

“Very interesting, brought Red Bull Racing, because in tests this command was far enough away from the Ferrari, – quotes Hamilton AUTOSPORT. – I have not seen a large number of new products on their machine, so, I think they brought them here. Will be interesting to see.

It’s always fun to win expect racers from different teams. The denser the struggle, the sweeter the victory. We are ready for the challenge.

I don’t remember when the last time the rules were changed with an interval of three years. But they had to make changes because, as is often the case, was dominated by one team, and everyone else was hard for her to catch up.

The new rules will make changes in the usual picture. I’ve never seen fans with so much interest were waiting for the new season. Now no one knows what will be the balance of power.

I do not remember that after the change of the rules, the defending Champions remained on top. But we will fight and try to do what could not be anyone before.”

Льюис Хэмилтон: Чем плотнее борьба, тем приятнее победа
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Racer Red Bull Racing Daniel ricciardo added: “When dominated by Red Bull [until 2014], all wanted to win it from somebody else.

We, rivals Mercedes want to change. We just need more contenders. If Hamilton can win in a battle with four rivals, not only in the struggle with your partner, the more valuable will be his success.”

Sebastian Vettel said that it is too early to judge the shape of a Ferrari, but Hamilton once again called the main favorite of the Scuderia.

“Ferrari was the fastest team at the winter tests. I would say that they are favorites – continued Lewis. Sebastian as always winds. I can tell that he really excited and trying to restrain their emotions”.

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