Kevin Magnussen: I Have one goal with Haas at the season-2017

Кевин Магнуссен: У меня одна цель с Haas на сезон-2017

The new driver of the team Haas Kevin Magnussen summed up the results of winter tests and shared expectations of the upcoming season.

“I think the tests went very well I was able to travel a great distance, – said Magnussen in an interview to the press service of Haas. It was great and useful to get used to a new car, especially given the differences compared to last year’s car. I now look forward to get back behind the wheel in Australia and the start of the race.

I think that VF17 pretty fast. The first impression that I experienced leaving the track is very high grip level. However, I think the impression was in all riders. I hope that we will be competitive and will be able to improve the car throughout the season. The first feelings are quite positive.”

The Dane became the first driver in the history of modern turbary in Formula 1, tested the engines of all four manufacturers. Being a driver at McLaren, Magnussen piloted machines with motors Mercedes and Honda. Last year he played for Renault, and Haas got behind the wheel of a car with the power plant Ferrari.

“Honestly, a much of a difference quietly, all the engines are similar, – said Kevin. – The sound is a little different, and features are slightly different. But with a Ferrari engine very easy to operate. Ride quality is very good, power is also okay. So I’m happy.”

Three years ago, in his debut race in Formula 1, held in albert Park, Magnussen sensationally took the third place after the disqualification of Daniel ricciardo became the second. The podium remains the only one in the career of Dane.

“I spent the Grand Prix with a smile and just tried to have fun, not too thinking about the race, Magnussen has revealed the secret of his success. – I had nothing to lose, and I just did everything in my power. I also got a little lucky, and eventually I ended up on the podium. It was an amazing experience that I will always remember. Always a pleasure to tell you that I took second place in his debut race in Formula 1. Of course, it would be great to win, but I’ll try another time.

My goal for the upcoming season is the same as the team – to try to do better than last year. The finish line in eighth place in the constructors ‘ championship with 29 points was a great result in its debut season the teams in Formula 1. To improve this figure at least a little is a good goal.

It is always important to start the season as best as possible, and finish, too. This gives extra motivation. Will try to do our best, but we’ll see what happens.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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