Jos Verstappen: What is the third year in a row doing the engineers at McLaren-Honda?

Йос Ферстаппен: Что третий год подряд делают инженеры McLaren-Honda?

Jos Verstappen believes that the Stoffel Vandorn will be difficult to prove themselves in the campaign-2017 due to the uncompetitive car MCL32.

McLaren-Honda looked good in pre-season tests, after the least mileage among all teams. Thus, at the Australian Grand Prix, the team from Woking came the least prepared.

Fernando Alonso was a long time in tenth place, but in the end failed to finish due to suspension problems and Vandorn finished on 13-m a place.

“I really hope that Stoffel will be able to fight for points in the season 2017, said Jos Verstappen in an interview with Belgian news Agency Sporza. I’m sure he can perform at the same level with Alonso, but I really can’t understand what do you do in a McLaren-Honda. This is their third joint season, however, the situation is getting worse.”

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