Jolyon Palmer: Our speed in these tests was a surprise

Джолион Палмер: Наша скорость на этих тестах стала сюрпризом

Renault racer Jolyon Palmer after the fourth day of the first pre-season tests in Barcelona admitted that his team has made serious progress compared to last year.

Kimi Raikkonen was the best in the final day of the first test

In 2016, due to late transaction with Lotus French team barely won a few of points to become the ninth.

However, during the first pre-season tests on Thursday in Barcelona Palmer, along with his partner Nico Hulkenberg for the two of you drove 90 laps – more than just a Ferrari and Haas.

Jolyon in the second half of the day showed a good pace, becoming the third, while Nico worked in the morning, took fifth place.

“Last year, the level of controllability of the car was low, but now we were able to step far ahead, admitted Palmer. – To eliminate the backlog we have all the necessary tools.

The experience of last year taught us a lot – we in fact were just awful on urban roads. Now we definitely have made progress by aligning the balance of the car and making it manageable. Now I know what to expect, sitting down in the cockpit”.

Despite the good pace of the Renault, Palmer warned against premature conclusions: “We are pleasantly surprised, but don’t yet know about the real situation. Next week will be interesting, because the others will bring updates, which will largely depend.

However, the first week we are fully satisfied.”

Live text commentary of the final day of tests with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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