Jérôme Stoll: engine Manufacturers must reduce costs

Жером Столл: Производители двигателей должны добиться сокращения расходов

The President of Renault Sport Racing jérôme Stoll urged to think about limiting the cost of production of engines in Formula 1.

During the season-2017 through the abolition of “tokens” producers will have more freedom in the completion of the power plants. But Renault are afraid of high costs in this regard.

“Hybrid technology is interesting, but the issue is cost, – quotes AUTOSPORT Stella. – We must take care about costs and achieve return on investment.

It is important to understand how you can curb and limit expenses of each manufacturer to develop”.

But Stahl agreed with the statement FIA President Jean Todt that the Formula 1 need advanced technologies to maintain interest on the part of automakers.

“You have to remember that the producers are taking part, including by reason of the use of certain technologies – continued Stoll. – The fact that we voted for the introduction of hybrid systems, also demonstrates that even the participants of the Formula 1 care about the environment and is able to reduce fuel consumption by 30-40%”.

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