Jean Todt: We’ll never get the V10 and V12 engines in Formula 1

Жан Тодт: Мы никогда не вернем двигатели V10 и V12 в Формулу 1

The FIA President Jean Todt in an interview with Auto FIA announced that Formula 1 should follow the example of the automobile industry and move to smaller engines with lower power.

Todt is confident that the society will not accept the return of noisier and more powerful engines.

“We are responsible for the management of the organization controlled by the world community. It just will not accept this situation”, – said the President.

Todt has actively supported the introduction of hybrid technologies in 2014, despite the fact that at that time the commercial rights holder of F1, Bernie Ecclestone would be clearly against the innovations.

“I am confident that if you return the engines of a decade ago, many manufacturers will be against – continued Todt. I’m sure at least three or four of them altogether will leave the sport”.

The current rules will last until 2020, and one of the reasons why the format of the engines escaped the radical changes was the desire to control costs.

“We understand that stability is important – continued Todt. – First, to maintain the highest possible level of competition and, secondly, to protect the investment.

You can’t invest in new technology from year to year, it is not profitable. Many already complain about the high costs that in the Formula 1, in my opinion, just absurd.”

However, Todt said that the current format is far from ideal: “We still have a lot to deal with. Until we found the perfect solution, but I’m glad to share the responsibility for it on behalf of the governing body.

However, it is not so easy because you need to come to a common denominator. But I love to be unity in the decision-making process”.

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