Jean Todt, the F1 Rules will be the FIA, not Liberty

Жан Тодт: Регламент Ф1 будет составлять FIA, а не Liberty

The FIA President Jean Todt said that the Federation will continue to be the primary authority in making rules in F1.

New FIA sporting Director Ross Brawn admitted that if the show does not become more interesting with the new regulations, he will advocate for its change.

Todt was prokomentiroval in Melbourne the statement of brown: “I am delighted that the people of Liberty is concerned with the future of the sport. I respect their contribution and is willing to listen to their wishes, but the main power in decision-making is concentrated in the hands of the FIA.Only we create and control regulations”.

Cars are faster, but their passing characteristics are affected, so that the emergence of a new set of rules is on the agenda.

“I was surprised that last year’s pole position was slower, only 1.7 seconds, although we were promised a raise in five seconds, – the President continued. – Perhaps this is due to features of the route”.

While Todt insists that Formula 1 is not a crisis.

“This year, the organizers of the stage in Melbourne sold 300 million tickets – quoted Todt in Autoweek. – In 2016, the figure was only 220 thousand. In media center is not overcrowded, so there is no crisis in Formula 1 there. Why is everyone focus only on the negative side? Let it will take a few races, then we will judge.”

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