Jean Todt: Lack of overtaking – the price we pay for fast cars in 2017

Жан Тодт: Дефицит обгонов – цена, которую мы платим за быстрые машины в 2017-м

The FIA President Jean Todt is not surprised that the new technical regulations in 2017 complicate the ability of drivers to overtake.

At the Grand Prix of Australia, opening the season 2017, there were only two maneuver, while in 2016 in Melbourne, the figure was 26 overtaking.

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Thus, confirmed the concerns that the acceleration of the cars due to the aerodynamics and wider tires negatively affects the number of overtaking.

“Overtaking has always been an issue of Motorsport – quoted Todt. I remember the race 30 years ago, when the cars on fresh tires drove faster on three or four seconds and still couldn’t overtake a car on older tires, because it was extremely difficult.

We can already assume that to overtake in 2017 will be even more difficult. But we have tried to facilitate overtaking through the introduction of the DRS system and other technologies. Maybe we paid a deficit of overtaking during the acceleration of the car due to aerodynamics”.

After the Grand Prix of China, when it becomes clear how difficult it is to overtake in terms of the new regulations, the FIA will reconsider the length of the DRS zones.

Todt also suggested that in the long term, F1 could revisit their own aerodynamic concept that in the future machines with less obstacles could pursue each other.

“This is something we need to talk, when we discuss future regulations – need to find a good compromise,” concluded the Frenchman.

Жан Тодт: Дефицит обгонов – цена, которую мы платим за быстрые машины в 2017-м

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