Jean Todt Formula 1 Cars are too complicated and high-tech

Жан Тодт: Машины Формулы 1 слишком сложны и высокотехнологичны

Ahead of a meeting with leading car manufacturers in Paris, FIA President Jean Todt said that Formula 1 needs a more simple and less expensive cars.

At the meeting on Friday, which including the participation of Audi, the producers will discuss the regulations on the engines after 2020.

Recently there is a renewed debate about whether F1 hybrid powerplant or should go back to a more simple configuration. Todt recently categorically ruled out the possibility of a return to V10 or V12, but believes that cars should become less technological.

“I think the machine is too sophisticated and high-tech. It is not necessary for sports, – quotes the Todt AUTOSPORT. But this is a very delicate moment because on the one hand the automotive industry is evolving, and it is difficult to say what the pinnacle of Motorsport don’t have to follow this evolution.

I’m not talking about having Autonomous cars in the Formula 1, but it is facing the whole world, deal with it the manufacturers. Therefore, we must consider how to bring it to Motorsport and in particular F1″.

The participants have to solve the question of the extent to which F1 is to be used electric power. Many manufacturers support the use of electric motors, but Todt believes that such engines need to leave the Formula E.

“I see a great future for electric cars in the cities. By the way, for this reason, we conduct an electric race of the championship on urban roads – continued Todt. – Many machines are still running on diesel engines, there are many hybrids with small turbo engines and energy recovery system. In my opinion, in the fuel cell has a great future.

In the future, we will consider the introduction of fuel cells in any racing category.

But if to speak about Formula 1, there will remain a familiar concept engine. But this does not mean that we will return to the technology that was used ten years ago. This will never happen”.

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