James Allison: we must pay tribute to Ferrari – they have a very fast machine

Джеймс Эллисон: Нужно отдать должное Ferrari – у них очень быстрая машина

Former technical Director of Ferrari James Ellison, in the offseason, passed the Mercedes, welcomed the success of his former team at the Grand Prix of Australia.

“If after qualifying, it was still not clear, after the race it was really possible to say that during the season we are waiting for a tight battle, – quotes Ellison F1i. – You need to give credit to Ferrari. They have a very fast machine, and we just don’t have enough speed to make them fight.

But we are not panicking. Ahead of a long season, we earned good amount of points and will do that the next time this small advantage was on our side.”

Changer Ellison for the post of technical Director of Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto also expects serious competition.

“It is on the track you are reaping the fruits of efforts made in the offseason, he said. – It was a busy period, during which each employee is worked with double zeal.

There is still 19 stages and the race in Melbourne has shown that the final result can influence any change. You need to make every effort to further Refine the machine”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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