James Allen on the Hamilton, Ferrari and newcomers

Джеймс Аллен о Хэмилтоне, Ferrari и новичках

The famous British journalist James Allen shared his thoughts ahead of the season-2017, to start in Melbourne only one week left.

“On the way to Australia for the first Grand Prix, there is always something to discuss, but this year the topics for discussion more than usual, given the change of the technical regulations and the arrival of the new owners of Formula 1, writes Allen in his blog. – I think it well reflects the magnitude of change in the modern world. Many hope that the balance of power will change too, and for winning races and the championship will fight several teams.

Here are some of my thoughts during the flight to Australia.

The Attitude Of Lewis Hamilton

Джеймс Аллен о Хэмилтоне, Ferrari и новичках

Let’s start with the leader. Many have called him the main favorite in the battle for the title. This is related to the dominance of Mercedes during the last three years and the fact that Valtteri Bottas does not correspond to the level of Nico Rosberg proved in pre-season tests.

If the background of Hamilton, Bottas will look the same as Heikki Kovalainen in the McLaren in 2008, then we’re in for a big disappointment.

And what’s with the attitude of Lewis? He has a unique approach that has proven effective. After races in Singapore and Japan last year, Hamilton realized that he could not only enjoy the pastime in Los Angeles, visiting fashion shows and parties, and should focus on the struggle with Rosberg.

If Bottas and the rest of the competitors will exert pressure in the course of each race weekend, Hamilton is quite capable to act as in the end of last season.

Waiting Ferrari

Джеймс Аллен о Хэмилтоне, Ferrari и новичках

During the winter we have heard so many comments from the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchione. As he himself admitted, his statements about the immediate victories did not help last season.

The new car seems to be fast and interacts well with the new tyres Pirelli, but while Marchione and anyone in a Ferrari waive any predictions.

Even if we assume that the tests Mercedes were hiding their true pace and was 0.6 seconds slower than it could be, anyway, according to some insiders team, the Scuderia must be close enough to impose struggle. If we are talking about 0.3 seconds, then they are equal.

Last year Ferrari was not good from the point of view of strategy, so the upcoming season will be very important for Inaki Rueda, responsible for developing tactics. He was one of the main people in the entourage of James Ellison, so now it is important to feel the support of the team.

It seems that in most of the races we see the tactics of one pit stop. But while strategists are cautious in their forecasts, and prefer to wait for the stages in Shanghai and Bahrain.

Attention to youth

Джеймс Аллен о Хэмилтоне, Ferrari и новичках

Esteban Windows looked very well on the tests at the wheel of the machine Force India. Don’t know if he is pink, but the 20-year-old Frenchman has a real chance to be in the Mercedes in one to two years, if it is good will show itself. In the Junior series, the talented Frenchman noticed Eric boullier, Toto Wolff bought out the Management contract from Gravity, and it seems that Brackley aukon appreciate very highly.

In the face of teammate Sergio Perez, he has a good reference, and rivals in a tight fight in the middle of the peloton will be pilots like Felipe Massa, Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg. This will give him the opportunity to draw attention to himself, so in the season of 2017 to the Windows worth a closer look.

Also need to look at 18-year-old canadian lance Stroll who has earned a chance in Formula 1 thanks to the victory in European F3 last year. Some say that he should spend at least another year in the Junior series. But after the impressive debut of 17-year-old max Verstappen has become fashionable to invite the youth. Of course, Stroll not Verstappen, but, as experts say, not Max Chilton.

I believe that at the beginning of the season he will get into a crash. But if you put aside the stereotypes about the rich man’s son, we can say that he has a chance to become a good Formula 1 driver.

Will also be interesting to see the experienced Felipe Massa, whose Williams put great responsibility. The Brazilian had the opportunity to stay in F1 for another year, but, in fact, he didn’t want to leave, and his statement in September last year was more due to circumstances. Let’s see how he will spend the upcoming season.”

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