Jacques Villeneuve: If Vandorn ahead of Alonso, it will raise it in the eyes of the people

Жак Вильнёв: Если Вандорн опередит Алонсо, это поднимет его в глазах людей

Due to the fact that McLaren-Honda held a disastrous pre-season tests in Barcelona, Jacques Villeneuve believes that Stoffele of Vandorn only one task for the season-2017 – ahead of his teammate Fernando Alonso.

Jacques believes that if the Belgian will be able to hold the season-2017 better than the double world champion, it will elevate him in the eyes of the whole community F1.

“He needs to get ahead of Fernando Alonso, said Villeneuve in an interview with RTBF. In the end, perform better for McLaren than sitting at home.

In modern F1 is rare when a professional racer comes to the team without a budget. He should be happy that he had the chance.

In addition, in the same team with them is a very strong pilot. Fernando appreciated in the peloton. If Vandorn will be able to beat Alonso, that will play into his hands”.

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