In Haas plan to test the new brakes already in Bahrain

В Haas планируют протестировать новые тормоза уже в Бахрейне

Boss Haas Gunther Steiner said that the team intends to test the Carbon Industrie brakes already on the Grand Prix of Bahrain in an attempt to solve its longstanding problems.

However, this year not so easy to change supplier – the wider the wheels, the more you need to change the design. That is why Haas decided at first to try to rectify the situation with their current supplier Brembo.

After the tests in Barcelona a racer Romain Grosjean said: “I greatly hinders this problem, so it is important to solve as soon as possible. Now we are trying to find the best solutions together with the employees of Brembo”.

The team hope that you still will be able to test the Carbon Industrie discs as early as possible.

“We might be able to do it in Bahrain,” suggested Steiner.

The head, however, clearly identified that the team doesn’t have to worry about problems with the brakes, given that rookie Kevin Magnussen was completely happy with them.

“We have, perhaps, not ideal, but safe short-term solution, added Steiner. – I hope after the first races we will be able to finally resolve the situation.”

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