In 2017, the start procedure for pilots will become more

В 2017-м процедура старта для пилотов усложнится

New FIA rules will complicate the procedure starts for pilots in the season 2017.

FIA has introduced new limitations in the control system of the clutch. In addition, there were presented new requirements in the area of movement and the location of the paddles.

All these changes are designed to increase the independence of the pilots in the cockpit, protecting them from helping with the engineering of the bridge.

The biggest change is how the petals of the steering wheel will control the clutch, because right now in F1 introduced a linear control system of torque.

Before the engineer was to map movement grounded petal clutch, which is most appropriate in those circumstances that helped the pilot.

The Haas racing driver Kevin Magnussen explained: “we had to let go of the petal between 10% and 80%. Somewhere in this interval there was a map that included preselection of the level of grip given the rubber compound and poured into the level tank of fuel.

Therefore, before the start of the 100% depended on engineers. But now the starts will depend only on us.”

With linear preferences, the pilot needs to find the ideal position of the petal clutch, to avoid scrolling wheels or a slow start.

Pilot Sauber Pascal Wehrlein added: “Now everything will happen as on a conventional serial machine. From now on, the rider must find the correct point setting of the clutch.

Previously, if an engineer is well set up car, the clutch worked correctly. Now we are going to do everything with your hands. Who has not come to adapt”.

If we talk about the limitations of the design of a petal clutch, now in order to prevent potential space behind the steering wheel of special devices that would help the rider find the correct position of the petal, the FIA has established the so-called forbidden zone.

The team received a notification that between the petal clutch and any other control element on the steering wheel should be a clearance of 50 mm. the Exception is the location of the original stop-mechanism, which, apparently, used in Mercedes and Force India.

Also limited the maximum boundaries of movement of a petal clutch, which can move a maximum of 80 mm. Without this restriction, teams would have a chance to expand the boundaries of movement of the petal, which would facilitate the task of the pilots at the start.

Initial feedback from the pilots suggests that the FIA has achieved its goal.

Wehrlein summed up: “the start Procedure will be very difficult for the pilots. You can smile luck, and you will hold a great start, but if you’re lucky, the start will be bad.”

В 2017-м процедура старта для пилотов усложнится

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