Honda is worried about the reliability of their engines in Australia

В Honda беспокоятся за надежность своих двигателей в Австралии

The head of Motorsport division, Honda Yusuke Hasegawa acknowledged that worries about potential problems in the power plants of the Japanese manufacturer during the race weekend in Australia.

“For the last two test days problems with the reliability of the engine was caused by excessive vibration of the machine, – quotes Hasegawa – The problem is not only in motor, but the motor vibrated the most.

Due to vibrations in the carbon tube, which is located at the side of the machine, formed cracks, which led to the separation transaction. However, I don’t know that you do these problems if the vibrations cease. I’m worried about that.

Also the vibration in Barcelona was caused by the impact of the car on the curbs. If the side of our car is so vulnerable, it’s bad.”

Yusuke also said that the work was carried out to improve the cartography of the engine, which should improve the situation with the vibrations.

“I think that the engine response has improved. We conducted bench tests on the basis of in Sakura, but we haven’t tested the engine on the track, so I can not fully understand the situation,” said Hasegawa.

В Honda беспокоятся за надежность своих двигателей в Австралии

He also said that all the problems except the vibration was solved.

“On the tests in Spain we had a problem with the oil tank, and the second day is directly from the engine. I won’t go into details, but we took countermeasures – continued Hasegawa. – On the first day of the second block there was a problem in the high voltage system. I think that this serious problem was solved. On the second day of the second block we had a water leak from the radiator of the cooling system. That’s why I had to turn off the engine.”

About the problem with the oil tank Yusuke said, “it’s All in the design. The point was that the device could not normally suck the oil because of a defect in its structure. We replaced the device. It was easy to fix that.”

Despite the fact that the tests Fernando Alonso complained about the lack of engine power, Hasegawa insists that this motor is better than the previous version, although it recognizes that Honda has not achieved its goals.

“We have not reached the goals outlined for ourselves, but now I can’t handle the numbers,’ said Yusuke. – I think that the engine became more powerful than the version that we used in Abu Dhabi last year, but the level of drag also increased. In addition, broader steel of the tire, so the rider can give the impression that the speed was gone”.

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