Honda is working on an improved powerplant

Honda работает над улучшенной силовой установкой

The head of Motorsport division, Honda Yusuke Hasegawa talked about the fact that the Japanese manufacturer has already begun work on an improved power plant.

In the first days of the race weekend in Melbourne, Fernando Alonso was the fastest McLaren and took 12 th place. The day they together with Stoffel Vendorno was able to reel 84 of a circle.

Lewis Hamilton out of competition at the second session of the Grand Prix of Australia

However, Honda recognizes that the lack of power of these engines is essential.

“Now the difference in power is big, – quotes Hasegawa. – To increase the power, it is necessary to increase combustion efficiency, and you need to replace the hardware with the present power plant.

We have been working on improved powertrain, but that will take time to finalize it. I wish he was ready in the next two months”.

Honda работает над улучшенной силовой установкой

Regarding the engine problems with vibrations Yusuke said, “Vibration today not become a serious problem, but they manifested at the time of shift up.

If we will completely solve this problem, we will be able to speed on the circle”.

Commented on today’s results and the Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown, saying: “Today was a normal day. The motor was reliable, but speed is still lacking. The overall situation has improved.

Other teams also had problems, so I don’t know how indicative these results. I think that 12th place Alonso on Friday] is a slightly better result than we expected.

Fernando Alonso: I don’t care about the current balance of power

But it was only training the first day of the weekend. We don’t know who has how many fuel tanks and what is the engine used by the competition.”

When brown was asked about the vibrations, he said, “the Situation has improved, but it is too early to say that the problem is solved, because we haven’t reached the finish of the Grand Prix.

On the other hand, it’s great that we could complete so many laps. Drivers liked the car. Fernando and Stoffel said she behaves very well. Now we need to do everything to climb up the grid”.

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