Honda is negotiating with other teams

Honda ведет переговоры с другими командами

Today in Melbourne the head of Motorsport division of Honda Yusuke Hasegawa admitted that the Japanese manufacturer is negotiating with other teams to supply engines, but so far no agreement has not been reached.

As soon as Honda returned to F1 in 2015 as an exclusive supplier for McLaren, they immediately had lots of problems with the power plant.

As shown by tests in anticipation of season 2017, the mechanic still can’t find optimal solutions, which many predict McLaren-Honda unsuccessful year.

Earlier this month it became known that McLaren spoke to Mercedes about engine supply, however, the team from Woking still assures everyone that he fully trusts Honda.

“Yes, we are in talks with other teams, but nothing is yet to be determined,” admitted Hasegawa.

The McLaren boss Eric boullier at the same time stated that the team was not considering the option of returning to the Mercedes engines.

“There were always rumours, and our “success” on the tests they could provide – quoted bulge in AUTOPSPORT. – However, it is not so. Of course, we are considering all options to climb in the peloton, since we are clearly not supposed to be in this position. But the solution we are looking for in conjunction with Honda.

The tests were not very good, and now our tempo is poor, but we still try to change it.”

To the question about how long it would have taken to transition from one engine supplier to another, boulier replied: “I’m not going to comment on it. That is private information.

We work with Honda and try to solve the problems together. More anything I can not tell”.

Hasegawa also cautiously commented on these rumors: “It’s just talk. Of course, after the tests we have serious pressure from the teams and riders. Now we do everything to gain”.

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