Honda has stopped cooperation with Gilles Simon

Honda прекратила сотрудничество с Жилем Симоном

As the representative of Honda, the mechanic broke off the cooperation with the consultant Gilles Simon.

Simon long worked in a Ferrari, at a time of the dominance of Michael Schumacher. In 2013, Honda invited him to the role of a consultant. Given the unwillingness of Honda to attract third-party experts, Simon was given a key role in the progress of the Japanese manufacturer.

As reported by AUTOSPORT, the reason for the termination was a disagreement with Simon’s vectors of development work division of Honda in F1.

Currently a specialist serving a mandatory six-month vacation before I go back to work in F1, but on another manufacturer.

The Honda representative confirmed: “We are really completing our collaboration with Simon this year by mutual agreement. However, we are not going to disclose other parts, as these relationships concern only him and Honda.

Honda would like to Express his gratitude for support and contribution to our fourth project in F1″.

After the first pre-season tests, which again with Honda engine repeatedly occurred problems, there were rumors about almost broken patience of McLaren.

Tomorrow will start the second preseason tests, which Honda has promised to present the specification of the engine, specially prepared for the first race in Melbourne. However, it is unknown what provoked problems with the engine during first tests.

Representative Honda said: “We are still every day busy with the investigation. We need some time to test the modified powerplant in order to clarify the cause.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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