Günther Steiner: we Need the FIA was allowed to return to our wing

Гюнтер Штайнер: Нужно, чтобы FIA разрешила вернуть наше крыло

Before the second training session of the Australian Grand Prix stewards asked Haas to remove the T-shaped wing, and now the team boss Gunther Steiner doubts that this item will be allowed to use in other sessions of the weekend.

Operators in the first session often showed highly bendable wing on VF-17 Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, after which the FIA decided to ban it.

“We used the wing on the tests in Barcelona, and it caused no problems – Steiner quoted in AUTOSPORT. – Because of his mobility we had to take him over the second workout. Until we know what we expect in the third session.

Judging from the data, we have achieved a high level of downforce, so that wing rabotaet, and we would like to return it. However, we still do not know, whether will allow us to do it.

In this car, every detail is critical, so it is important for us to preserve everything”.

Race Director FIA’s Charlie whiting has warned that the T-shaped wing will be inspected by the technical inspector of Federation of Joe Bauer.

The driver of the American team Romain Grosjean in both sessions showed the eighth result, but in the second practice, he drove a lap slower than Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso of 0.4 seconds.

According to Steiner, Romain could drive faster, but the team still was pleased with the result.

“In the morning he [Grosjean] gave the best lap possible, but the day yielded a few tenths of his best rounds – continued Steiner. The result makes us happy, but as I never tire of repeating, are too close to each other. I think I’m even starting to annoy people. However, can equally well be provided as the eighth and the 15th or 16th”.

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