Gunther Steiner Between the leaders and the rest of the difference in half a second

Гюнтер Штайнер: Между лидерами и остальными разница в полторы секунды

Boss Haas Gunther Steiner analyzed test data and concluded that the three leading teams in the peloton share fifteen seconds.

“Between the teams of the top 3 and the rest of the difference varies within a second and a half, said Steiner. – We really need to work with the aerodynamics, because in Australia the chance will be gone.

Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing far more resources, it is not surprising to see them far ahead.”

On the question of whether this gap is even larger during the season, Steiner said, “it is Unlikely that it will decrease. Perhaps over time, the progress of such teams will slow down, and then small teams will have a chance a little closer”.

Steiner added that it is unknown what will take place Haas on the grid in the beginning of the season, but one favorite from the group of middle peasants, in his opinion, have stood: “I Think Williams are better than others, although we are only in Australia will know it”.

Chief engineer Williams Rob Smedley spoke more cautious about the prospects of his team: “For this test week, we learned only that with the car no major problems since we try to drive more than 160 laps a day.

We are satisfied with the situation, but things will become clear only in Australia. Nevertheless, full understanding will come only after four races. Now no matter who what takes place, as all can dramatically improve.

The most important thing is to quickly develop a new car.”

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