Gene Haas Formula 1 is no place for socialism

Джин Хаас: В Формуле 1 нет места социализму

Team owner Haas gene Haas has admitted that, despite the unfair distribution of prize payouts in F1, socialism in this sport is not the place.

After the purchase of the commercial rights Corporation Liberty Media from CVC rather acutely the question of the elimination of the current principles of distribution of prize money because of their injustice.

“The first three teams get 70%, the other seven – 30% – quoted Haas Obviously I don’t want a long trail behind and intends to quickly break through to the leaders, because they have all the money.

F1 – a clear representative of the capitalist structure where the best gets more money. I think in the racing world is no place for socialism. Here a place under the sun goes to the one who works more and faster finish”.

Haas believes that if the ban manufacturers conceal vital information, the show will become more interesting, and the competitiveness of teams will grow.

“The main problem, which in F1 is not enough competition, and races are boring, the way itself is arranged F1. Everyone here seems to be secretive, which she is getting boring”, – summed up Haas.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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