Gene Haas: a Podium would be a huge achievement for us in 2017

Джин Хаас: Подиум стал бы огромным достижением для нас в 2017-м

The founding team Haas gene Haas has admitted that for the upcoming season hopes on the podium his team.

Just last year, Haas joined the starting grid in F1, but in the debut race Romain Grosjean managed to score points, finishing in sixth place. By the end of the season the performance of American band slightly decreased, however 29 points in its first season, secured the eighth place in the Cup of designers.

“We aim to get higher or even get a podium – said Haas. For us the latter would be a huge achievement.

I see the situation thus: the three top teams – Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull – are competing in the same League.

The rest of the peloton may be more or less competitive. All of us within one second, the top teams are ahead of us by almost a second, so competition creates a two-tier.

Several times we flew out of the third segment of qualifying for hundredths of a second. And if from the middle of the top ten is half a second, then between the fifth and 15th place could be just a few tenths.

Such a struggle is very intense, and this year it should only get stronger.”

Haas hopes his team in the upcoming season to earn twice more points after replacing Esteban Gutierrez, Kevin Magnussen.

“I think Kevin is a unique individual – praised his new ward Haas. – It is both aggressive and calm at the same time. I think he is a great complement to Grosjean. For two test days he showed the fourth time.

I watched him work and can tell that he’s pretty meticulous racer. I think it is well worked with Grogan and bring us twice more points than in that year”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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