Formula 1 drivers about the track in Sochi

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

Before the start of the FORMULA 1 VTB RUSSIA GRAND Prix in 2017, which this time will be the fourth in the season, remained only a month. Autopartsway collected sayings of many famous riders on the track Sochi Autodrom.

It should be noted that pilots often admit that they like not only the track itself but also the city, located on the picturesque shore of the Black sea.

“Last year we had a great race at Sochi Autodrom, and I hope this season to win points here, enjoy the atmosphere of the city and again to experience the Olympic spirit that we are charged on this route – admitted Haas racing driver Romain Grosjean. – Sochi autodrom is a challenging circuit for tyres. The asphalt surface of the circuit is very smooth, and the main challenge for the rider is to transmit enough power to the wheels”.

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

Romain spoke about his impressions about the circuit and the city: “I Think what struck me more was the location of the race track, the terrain itself, where stunning landscapes. We ran in the mornings along the waterfront, watched the dolphins on a sea voyage, walking through the Olympic Park.

The locals are very fond of Formula 1, and the fact that there is a circuit taking the stage these races, allowing them to learn more about competitions. I look forward to returning to Sochi Autodrom!”

His teammate Kevin Magnussen is also waiting for the start of the race in the Olympic Park: “I Hope I will spend here a good race. Previous performances at Sochi Autodrom in 2016 and 2014 were strong enough. This is a cool track, and I’ll be glad to compete here!

The track is very wide, and therefore calls for the pilots here are somewhat different than on other tracks. The riders have many options of trajectory when cornering. It is obvious that the third turn is the longest, it’s different from all the others, but I think that this year he will present is not such a big difficulty, since the downforce of the cars will increase. It will be quite easy to pass him at full throttle”.

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

Of course, the Russian fans will be particularly closely monitor the performance of his compatriot Daniil Kvyat, who hopes to please fans of the successful finish.

“I hope we bypass the problems in the race weekend goes well, and we’ll be in great shape to fight for points – admitted Daniel. – Sochi Autodrom – is a very special track, where you have to find a way to get the tyres to work.

Wear rubber here is pretty specific. The track is very technical, you need to think a lot – it takes time to find the best approach to the passage of the circle. I would call the Sochi Autodrom classic track in modern style, where a lot of places for overtaking, so the race get interesting. In Sochi there are a few unusual plots, complex braking, for example, a 13-m turn, though the fourth is also quite difficult.”

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

Partner Daniel Carlos Sainz expressed his regret that none of the riders Toro Rosso failed to finish in the glasses in Sochi in 2015.

“I hope it will be an interesting weekend, and both pilots Toro Rosso will be able to finish the race – that doesn’t happen here in 2015 (in 2015, the race came down Carlos Sainz, in 2016, the – Max Verstappen). The third time, I hope luck will smile to us! – said Carlos. – A good qualifications is very important for the Grand Prix of Russia, and I hope we will be able to get into the top 10 to start the race with a good starting position. A good start is always a challenge for the pilot.”

Double world champion Fernando Alonso in 2015, shared his thoughts on the Sochi Autodrom and its main challenges: “Great stage! We are the second year come to Russia, and that’s fine. The organizers did a great job of organizing the weekend of the Formula 1, and have a very good track.

Sochi Autodrom is its nature challenges the pilots to compete in Sochi interesting and to a certain extent is not easy, considering the fact that engineers need to look for the best settings on the circuit that combines fast and slow corners, and the racers to squeeze the most possible close to the walls. It’s fascinating stuff.

I especially like the third turn, which requires great precision, good balance and control of the vehicle”.

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

In the opinion of the riders Red Bull Racing Daniel Riccardo, the profile of the route is the main distinguishing feature of Sochi Autodrom.
“Unlike most of the tracks in Sochi, the profile of the track from turn-by-turn does not change. In addition, the cornering is very flat, which makes them quite unique. I look forward to returning to this track,” said the Australian.

Has supported his former teammate and Sebastian Vettel: “the Track in Sochi is a unique race track, the only track on the calendar, located in the Olympic Park.

Regarding its configuration, of course, it has some common features with others. Perhaps best to compare with Singapore. But, unlike Marina Bay, it has a smoother configuration and it is much faster. Some sections remind me of the tracks in Korea and Abu Dhabi.

Overall I think this is a good combination of turns with different characteristics. Some of them are quite complex, but that is exactly what you need.”

Gone from the Formula 1 Jenson button and Nico Rosberg, too, always spoke about the Sochi track.

“The simulator was nice, but in reality the track in Sochi is even better – he praised the track Jenson button. Looking at its configuration, I think that there are a lot of slow corners, but in reality they are quite fast.

The entrance to the pit lane is quite narrow. This place need special care. Some turns are quite complex, in some places there is oversteer. I noted minor irregularities in some areas, but this only added interest.”

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

“It really is a great track because it is correct to go round it is very difficult, – said Rosberg. – All those medium-speed corners, especially asphalt, thanks to which tyres are exposed to heavy loads, create a totally unique script.”

The Grand Prix of Russia of a season-2017 kicks off with a Friday practice on April 28 and will end on Sunday the race and entertainment for all viewers.

Last tickets for FORMULA 1 VTB RUSSIA GRAND Prix 2017 on sale on the website of the organizer

Гонщики Формулы 1 о Сочи Автодроме

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