Ferrari came up with an innovative fuel injection system

Ferrari придумала инновационную систему впрыска топлива

The Ferrari team is considering the possibility of introducing a system of fuel injection, which principle of work is called “Doklady anchor” reports AUTOSPORT.

The Scuderia started the pre-season tests last week, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel showed the second and third time respectively.

As stated by Guenther Steiner, team principal, Haas, using the engines from Maranello, the Italian minders managed to achieve good progress. However, in the near future another significant boost in power.

Rumors that Maranello is considering using a new type of fuel injector.

Ferrari has used 3D printing technology in the development of the piston

Dual injectors, as is known, is forbidden in Formula 1, however, the “Doklady anchor” can give the same advantage as due to this idea, the injector should open and close with much greater accuracy.

This decision will help to reduce the excess fuel which enters the chamber and is not burned completely. In the end, it will give more power with less fuel consumption, which plays an important role in the era of the use of hybrid Turbomotor V6.

It is noted that the innovation was not yet tested on a real track, and the first tests in Barcelona Ferrari had worked with the standard version of the motor.

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