Felipe Massa lance Stroll hard to get used to the new car

Фелипе Масса: Лэнсу Строллу непросто привыкнуть к новому автомобилю

Racer Williams Felipe Massa said that his young partner lance Stroll difficult to get used to the new car.

Last week lance Stroll twice went off the track once and crashed into the barriers, causing Williams was forced to finish ahead of the first test block.

Yesterday, Felipe admitted that the team is important to conduct a full test day. The Brazilian also noted that 18-year-old Strollo have a hard time because of the characteristics of new cars. High level of clamping force greatly complicates the task of the beginner.

“If he debuted last year, it would be easier. Then the rider was easier from a physical point of view due to the lower downforce, was quoted in AUTOSPORT a Lot. Today the car has become much more difficult to manage, so it is understandable why young rider encountered problems.

I remember how many have made mistakes at 18. We must not forget that lance is still very young, and he still has a long way to go.”

Despite the fact that due to errors Strolla Williams lost the test day, Massa believes that we should not blame the young pilot.

“For what happened last week cannot be blamed only him, continued the Mass. – We were missing some parts, and with them we would have easily completed the work.

From errors nobody is insured. On Tuesday I nearly flew, and I could only pray that everything remained intact. Nothing happened, but I could Sportcity all day.

It is not necessary to criticize lance. You have to give it time.”

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