Exclusive interview with Daniil Kvyat for Autosportlive

Эксклюзивное интервью Даниила Квята для АВТОСПОРТ.com.ru

Today special correspondent Autopartsway able in Barcelona to talk with Daniel Cvetom and to ask the Russian racer Toro Rosso the most interesting questions of our readers.

Daniel, were you able to really feel a new car?

D. K.: We drove a significant distance, but still less than I would like. We need more time on the track, so engineers have collected enough information.

Do you follow your competitors? Some of their decisions have surprised?

D. K.: of Course, we look for competitors, one of them shows fast times, but this is not our focus, we fast in circles yet did not pass, so to speak, really fast. But again, we are watching, keep your eyes open.

Yesterday you had a crash in gravel. This was solely your mistake or some kind of mechanical problem?

D. K.: it’s simple – I blocked the wheel, pulling into the gravel. The important thing is that we hardly lost at this time. Still got errors, although they happen to all pilots many times. Yesterday, for example, the wind picked up to 30 km/h, so it was very easy to make a mistake.

Эксклюзивное интервью Даниила Квята для АВТОСПОРТ.com.ru
(C) twitter.com/ToroRossoSpy

What happened today with the car, found out the causes of the problems?

D. K.: We have noticed on telemetry a strange behavior of the engine, had to remove it along with the gearbox – perhaps we will need to replace this element. Unfortunately, it cost us a lot of time.

The new machines will be more difficult to overtake?

D. K.: it is difficult to talk about it, too little data. But in theory should be more difficult, as braking distances will be reduced. However, it is possible to overtake, it should be much better prepared, so hopefully the fans will be interesting.

A lot of talk about DRS and its necessity in the Formula 1. What’s your opinion?

D. K.:I Think with new machines this system we will still be needed if will be difficult to overtake. Once all are satisfied, there is no perfect solution. In DRS there are both positive and negative points.

Let’s move on to personal matters. What language do you think?

D. K.: When piloted in English, because it is communicating with the engineers and receive information. Otherwise it would be more difficult. But in ordinary life and often in Russian.

Эксклюзивное интервью Даниила Квята для АВТОСПОРТ.com.ru
(C) twitter.com/TheBestF1es

What kind of music for concentration before the race?

D. K.: I don’t always listen to music, don’t pay much attention to it. And I listen to different artists: Metallica, Kings of Leon, even ABBA.

And now about Baku: what was your favorite thing last year?

D. K.: I was most impressed with the track, in fact she very much stands out from other stages of the championship. By Thursday, we were impressed with the track, when the engineers went through it: very long video, and one of the narrowest parts among all the tracks is really cool!

Do you think this year with the new cars on the road to Baku will be more difficult?

D. K.: Yes, the city tracks will be a new challenge for us, we have to get used to the new dimensions is always difficult.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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