Eric bulge We use different approaches to Alonso and Vandorn in light of the problems Honda

Эрик Булье: Мы используем разные подходы к Алонсо и Вандорну в свете проблем Honda

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that in the context of problems with power units of Honda, the management team uses various approaches to Fernando Alonso and Stoffel vandorn due to their differences in experience and age.

In each of the eight days of pre-season tests in Barcelona powerplant Honda MCL32 broke, which McLaren drove the least mileage among all teams. These results irritate not only the leaders but also the riders.

Fernando Alonso: Honda has neither power nor reliability

“Every driver should behave in different ways, said Eric. – Stoffel – fresh, young and motivated rider. If he is disappointed with the car this season, he will be able to make a lesson and to draw conclusions.

If we talk about Fernando, he has much more experience. He wants to pilot a competitive car, but he also knows what we want and where we are going.

His patience is based on his own experience – he has a complete vision of what is happening around.”

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