Eric bulge we Have a great relationship with Honda

Эрик Булье: У нас прекрасные взаимоотношения с Honda

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge and head of the division of Honda in F1 Yusuke Hasegawa said that between McLaren and Honda at the moment, there is no problem because of the difficulties during the first preseason tests on Monday due to oil leakage Fernando Alonso put in a new engine, and on Tuesday Stoffele of Vandorn was waiting for the same fate.

Spanish media said that the situation became so tense that the parties could terminate the agreement in the near future. To refute such reports, bulge and Hasegawa called a press conference.

“Do we intend to break the agreement with Honda? started bulge. – No, the question is not even worth it. We have a great relationship, we are delighted to cooperate, but must make effort to make it fruitful.

We had a lot of problems, but they are all fixable. While neither we nor Hasegawa-San don’t know all the details for sure, since the engine after yesterday’s problems are just sent to Japan.”

Today the team from Woking may finally count a success. Fernando Alonso was able to conduct the planned test program.

“Today, finally, we were able to work, – said Hasegawa. – Not without minor problems, which are typical for the first day, but they have happened on the third.

Of course, we are unhappy and we ask forgiveness of our riders”.

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