Eric bulge We expected more from the first week of testing in Barcelona

Эрик Булье: Мы ожидали большего от первой недели тестов в Барселоне

McLaren racing Director Eric boullier admitted that he expected more from his first block of tests in Barcelona.

In the first two days of tests MCL32 there were serious problems with the power plant Honda, which the British team became one of the outsiders in the number of wound mileage.

McLaren-Honda had problems with oil system

“Honestly, before arriving in Barcelona we expected more – a week of tests began not so, as we would like, – said Eric in an interview with the official F1 website. I think Japan will work to investigate the problems encountered on tests. And it was such problems, the appearance of which is not expected neither we nor we Honda.

Yes, this is a new fault, which was not in 2016. you can correct Them, however we did not expect that they will occur. Can’t say that this is a very serious problem, because with the construction of the power plant all is well.

McLaren-Honda once again had problems with the power plant

Note that we are in a much better position than at the beginning of 2015 and 2016. But honestly, this is still not enough. We expect and demand more from yourself, just like our fans.

Why does Honda still have problems with the power plant? Because they lag behind for three years from the others: Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault began work on units in 2010, and all of these producers were existing departments that dealt with engines.

Honda decided to return to F1 in 2013 and started all from scratch – even the room was empty. They had to buy everything and find people. In F1 there are vendors that worked on the motors for seven years, and they still have problems… and Honda started its work just three years ago.

The power plant is very complex, and in order to debug their work, it is necessary to do everything gradually, step by step.”

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