Eric bulge McLaren and Now Honda is maximally strained relationship

Эрик Булье: Сейчас у McLaren и Honda максимально натянутые отношения

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that in the camp of the British team gradually losing patience against the supplier of the power plant Honda.

During the first block of pre-season tests in Barcelona Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandorn was not able to wind the required mileage due to frequent malfunctions of the power plant of the Japanese manufacturer.

The second week of pre-season tests began again for McLaren-Honda with problems: this morning the mechanics were forced to change the powerplant on MCL32 Vandorn.

Honda was replaced by another power plant

When the reporter I asked Eric how strained the relations between McLaren and Honda, the Frenchman replied: “as much as possible. It is obvious that we stand in F1 and want to give the result. Therefore, all feel the maximum pressure. In particular this applies to our relationship with Honda.

If we talk about the fault that occurred at the power plant, at least two of them were the same. That’s why I think that they could have time to resolve in time.

Now we use the same specifications as last week, and it means that we’ve not modified the block. I think the next specification should, if not fully, for the most part to solve the problem.”

Despite the criticism of Honda, boullier said that McLaren is not going to terminate cooperation with the manufacturer.

“No, we have a contract – continued Eric. – We don’t even think about it because we have long-term contractual obligations and we want to continue cooperating even though is now experiencing not the best times.”

For a text stream of the first day of the second block of the official tests in Barcelona with photos and video you can watch on our site.

Эрик Булье: Сейчас у McLaren и Honda максимально натянутые отношения

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