Eric boullier on McLaren failed tests: If time is lost it will not return

Эрик Булье о неудачных тестах McLaren: Если время потеряно, его уже не вернешь

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge unhappy that the team was forced to lose a lot of time on the first two test days when MCL32 having problems with the power plant Honda.

On the first day of a test programme in Barcelona Fernando Alonso completed only 29 laps, and the next day his teammate Stoffel Vandorn was able to record the asset in only 40 laps.

Eric admitted that the British team is unlikely ever to be able to catch up to Melbourne.

Eric bulge We expected more from the first week of testing in Barcelona

“As for the lost time? Such solutions do not exist, – quotes bouillet Now we need to set new priorities about what needs to be done.

In the future, unfortunately, some of the Friday session, we are going to use as a test race, because here [in Barcelona] we did not.

If time is lost, it will not return”.

When bouillet was asked about goals for 2017, he replied: “it All depends on what exactly you mean. Almost all the goals that we have set for ourselves McLaren, was achieved.

But on the road we will have other tasks. You need to wait until Honda will correct the situation”.

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