Eric boullier: latest news about nervous behavior MCL32 similar to the fake

Эрик Булье: Новости о нервном поведении MCL32 похожи на фейк

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that the news about the nervous behavior of the car MCL32 “fake”.

Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandorn faced serious problems during the first block of tests, but the team’s management admitted that fully confident in your gear.

When asked to explain the discrepancy between the review team and the behavior of the car on the track boullier said: “the Car responds well to any tuning changes and drivers that are fully satisfied with this aspect.

I read some comments [about the problematic behavior of the car in the first three turns] and they remind me of the fake news about [US President Donald] trump, because it’s not only in the chassis.

Don’t forget that we use hybrid engines, which when pressing the gas pedal on and off is due to the electronics.

And in the back, too, installed the turbine, so that it can also affect the handling.

Our problem was that when you press the gas pedal the car lost back, why he was acting nervous.

As a result, we have problems with the handling and tires that are not so well warmed up.

We still use the same car as on presentation, test different items. The final version of the new car will go on the road only in Australia”.

Boullier admitted that the team lacks in full of the distance, which it still passed the tests in the low power mode due to issues with reliability.

“When you go fast enough on tyres and brakes is not the desired load, so your data is different from the required – continued bulge. Even if you throw off the straight line speed of 15 or 18 kilometers per hour, the consequences will be a lot.

However, we do collect a lot of data to synchronize them with the work on the basis of in Woking and simulator to continue the process of finalizing the car.

However, we have learned much more if we worked at the same speeds as other”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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