Eric boullier: I was surprised by the pace of Ferrari on the tests

Эрик Булье: Меня удивил темп Ferrari на тестах

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that more than just the first three days of preseason tests in Barcelona he was surprised the Ferrari team.

On Tuesday Kimi Raikkonen led the Protocol with the best time, and on Monday and Tuesday, the Scuderia was the closest rival Mercedes.

“The opponents are a bit faster than us, – quotes bouillet AUTOSPORT. – It is obvious that it is difficult to draw any conclusions, since it is not known who what amount of fuel and mode of engine running.

But I can say that I was surprised by Ferrari. Nobody expected that they will show a lap time at the level of Mercedes.

Red Bull a little behind, but again, it is unknown what amount of fuel they work.

Each team has its own secrets. Constantly adjust all plans. We are trying to figure out who and what works, but it’s not easy.

The second test session will be more revealing, but, of course, it is better to wait for the race in Australia”.

Start of pre-season tests in Barcelona was marred by problems for McLaren with a new power plant Honda. However, boullier noted that the chassis MCL32 there are encouraging signs.

“It is obvious that even a perfect machine when driving at the limit will have understeer or oversteer or anything like that. But at least our riders do not complain about the chassis and overall pleased – continued the Frenchman. – The pace of development this year will be very high, especially early in the season. I think that in Melbourne most teams will actually new car. So at least we have a good basis for further progress.”

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