Eric boullier: I Hope McLaren will finish in Melbourne

Эрик Булье: Надеюсь, McLaren доедет до финиша в Мельбурне

McLaren racing Director Eric boullier admitted that they were not sure whether the cars from Woking to finish the first phase of the season-2017 albert Park.

Eight days of tests in Barcelona Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandorn drove for two for just 424 of the circle, which equals to 1096 miles. With more than 11 rounds in a row neither the Spaniard nor the Belgian was unable to overcome.

In how serious the crisis was McLaren-Honda?

“Oh, I can only hope that ‘Yes,’ said Beaulieu, when asked about whether McLaren to finish in the Grand Prix of Australia. – Honestly, we have more problems than we expected. We knew we would face some difficulties, but did not think that they would be so much.

We have set ourselves very ambitious goals, trying to improve the chassis, downforce, suspension. I think in General we have a good basis and during the coming weeks, including in Australia we will present the updates.

Don’t know if the Honda engine to compete with Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, but if so, we should be in good shape.”

As for the problems, boullier added that they can be solved only by joint efforts.

“The only solution is to work hard, – said bulge. – The problem is the timing. We had to deal with problems in January, not in March.

Over the last two years we put a lot of effort to correct the situation and return to the lead group. We need to continue to work hard”.

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