Eric boullier: Honda needs to take the culture of F1

Эрик Булье: Honda должна принять культуру Ф1

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that Honda need to understand the culture of racing in F1, and that will be the solution to the main problems of the Japanese manufacturer.

For each of the eight days of pre-season testing in Barcelona on MCL32 had problems with the power plant Honda. Because of this McLaren ran the least mileage on the tests among all teams in F1 came at the Grand Prix of Australia in Melbourne as one of the outsiders.

Eric believes that the main product problem is the reluctance to follow the modern trends in F1.

“They need to understand only one thing – how to integrate into the culture of F1, said bouillet in an interview – What I mean? This is how we behave in the races, which are described in the calendar: as the correction target, date, gain per lap. In F1 we always try to find the best solution to the problem as soon as possible.

If we are talking about the project of the manufacturer of the machinery, a delay of several weeks does not change the product and business model. But speaking of motor racing, if you don’t bring the pack in the first race, you’ll be very far from the competition. This is a racing psychology. It also applies to producers: first, they will do what you need for the month, then they will need to finish in three weeks, and then to reduce the working period from three to two weeks.

We more appreciate the money spent and won. This approach is exceptional.”

Эрик Булье: Honda должна принять культуру Ф1

Honda has invested in a remote workshop for the manufacture of engines in Milton Keynes, but the main base of the manufacturer is still in Japan.

“That is why Mercedes is based in England, he continued bulge. – I guess they have perfected this supply chain. In addition, the team receives feedback from people with experience in F1.

The services of our [British] suppliers may have cost two times more expensive [than the Honda], but they work three to four to five times faster.

From this we can understand that corporate influence is preventing you from working effectively. If you behave like a corporate company, the more processes will be inherited from such a company: accordingly, you will do not as mobile as necessary, which does not correspond to the racing culture.”

Эрик Булье: Honda должна принять культуру Ф1

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