Eric boullier: engine Mercedes we would win in 2017

Эрик Булье: С двигателем Mercedes мы бы побеждали в 2017-м

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge believes that the team from Woking would have fought for victory if MCL32 was equipped with the engine of the Mercedes, not Honda.

For each of the eight days of pre-season tests in 2017 in Barcelona powerplant Honda has failed. This led to the fact that McLaren have failed in your test program: she ran the least mileage among all teams.

Fernando Alonso: Honda has neither power nor reliability

Here are some of the questions of the Spanish AS to bulge relative to the engines.

How many times have you thought about where McLaren would be if her car was equipped with the engine of the Mercedes?


Thought about it?

I will say this: I thought about it several times.

And if it happened now?

I think we would have won.

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