David Coulthard: Honda is a Formula 1 and not Formula!

Дэвид Култхард: Honda, это Формула 1, а не Формула Оправданий!

Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard has criticized the Honda mechanics, saying that McLaren should terminate the contract with the Japanese, if in the near future the situation will not change for the better.

Pre-season tests turned out completely ruined for the team from Woking due to regular technical problems.

This week in the media appeared rumors about negotiations with McLaren Mercedes, but the manual still declare loyalty to Honda.

In how serious the crisis was McLaren-Honda?

“The situation causes serious concern, – quotes Coulthard F1i. McLaren and Honda have partnered for the third year. Yes, you could say: “Well, in a Honda was not much time for preparation, like other manufacturers”. But still it is Formula 1, not Formula Excuses. You either achieve the goal or walk away and start something else.

These problems have had a devastating effect on McLaren, their sponsors and partners.

It is obvious that the guide now is a mess. No one can be happy with the problems of the team with such traditions.

There are also communication problems – if Honda properly reported McLaren, would in Woking is crude to put the engine on your car? The team can’t afford even one bad season, not to mention two or three, what was coming.

McLaren needs to achieve the desired Honda. Until they can achieve their goals and to do better than last year.

According to rumors, the power that the engine is inferior to even last year. Yes, there can be no excuse that the power was reduced in order to improve reliability, but this is not the case.

Results – the main thing in Formula 1, and if Honda is unable to reach the required level, then you need to sever ties.

Otherwise, McLaren risks continue to fall. Without a good provider of motors to achieve anything will not succeed.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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