David Coulthard: Hamilton can follow the example of Rosberg to retire from the sport

Дэвид Култхард: Хэмилтон может последовать примеру Росберга и уйти из спорта

The ex-pilot of Formula 1 David Coulthard admits that Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton can finish his career in the near future.

“How many seasons it will hold before leaving the sport? Everything could happen much sooner than we think, – quotes the David Mirror. – I wonder if Lewis will continue to act after 35 years, because he came into F1 at an early age. I retired at 37, but I came to sports when I was much older than him.

In life it’s hard to enjoy something for 10-20 years. Lewis could easily follow the example of Rosberg to retire from the sport if he wins the championship this season.

When Lewis all going well, he becomes the most recognizable character on the grid. However, when the passion leaves a man, he can continue to deceive others, but not themselves.

He’ll just say, “screw this. I’m leaving.” I don’t think the main motive of Hamilton in F1 is money, so he can afford to take such a decision.”

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