Daniil Kvyat: I’m ready for the first race of the season as good as ever

Даниил Квят: Я готов к первой гонке сезона как никогда хорошо

Russian racer Daniel Quat told about his expectations from the season-opening 2017 in Australia and the preparations for winter.

“In the previous two years I failed to finish in the Grand Prix of Australia, but I try not to remember it, quata quotes a press-service of the Toro Rosso. – I prefer to remember my debut there in 2014, when you earned your first points. Nice to be back in Melbourne and finally to start the season.

I must say that I’m ready for the first race better than ever. Training in winter is always very important, but this year due to changes in regulations, this aspect had to pay even more attention than usual. We have a lot and trained hard to be physically and psychologically ready for the start of the season.

Several times I walked around Melbourne, as they usually come a week before the race to adapt to the time zone. This is a great city – it’s great to feel like a tourist, although I do not mind to live there! The only problem is that he is very far away, so I’d miss my family. Now I live in Monaco and everyone is happy.

I’ve never seen a kangaroo, so this time I want to see. It would be interesting to see!

I love Breakfast in Australia! At the hotel where I usually stay, every morning throughout the week guests can enjoy a simply stunning Breakfast!”

Partner Daniil Kvyat at the team of Carlos Sainz said that also arrived in Melbourne in advance.

“If there is a race to which you were always ready, so is the Grand Prix of Australia, because preparing for it for months! So I’m ready as ever! – said the Spaniard. – In both previous races here, I finished ninth, but this time I want to do more. Moreover, in 2015 and in 2016, at some point, I was fifth and in both cases, we just failed to take advantage of the opportunities. So this year we want to achieve more.

As Australia hosts the first race of the season, and this country is very far, we come here as early as possible. For example, I always arrive in Melbourne on Sunday evening, a week before the race. Thus, there is time to adapt to the time zone and local sightseeing.

By the way, during the week stay in Melbourne I always train together with Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he’s stopping in the same hotel as me! At least it was so for the previous two years. Let’s see whether he will come this year. It would be cool!”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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