Daniel ricciardo: I want to get out of here

Даниэль Риккардо: Я хочу скорее уехать отсюда

Racer Red Bull Racing Riccardo Daniel after a bad home Grand Prix, admitted that he would like to go from albert Park.

A favorite of the local audience yesterday flew into the wall in qualifying, then fell back from 10-th to 15-th place due to the shift of the transmission. But his misadventures have not ended. On the installation lap it RB13 stopped because of electrical problems, and eventually he was able to start from the pit lane after just two laps after the race start.

Hope Ricardo seyfti-CT is not justified, and on the 25th lap due to technical problems, he stopped on the track, ahead of schedule finished the race.

“Plus, just the fact that I can leave here, – said Riccardo. – This week has been too long. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, I just feel bad for my fans, but here are the majority. They obviously want to see me at the finish, but will not change anything.

A penalty of five places on the starting grid – it is bad, but we had other problems. I am glad that this long day ends. I’m disappointed, but tomorrow I will Wake up and will prepare for China.

The gathering has also become a separate problem. In the end, we thought something was wrong with the oil pressure. Everything just stopped working. Nothing boded trouble, it all happened too abruptly, and I couldn’t it any way to solve.”

Ricciardo added that the team continues to collect valuable data on the behavior of the new car: “even Though I lost a few laps, I still was able to receive important information. The more laps we put on this car, the more we learn, so I spent the time usefully.

Well, that Max [Verstappen] showed a good pace. Perhaps we can learn something of his race and move on”.

Text broadcast of the race in Melbourne with photos and video can be viewed on our website.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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