Damon hill In 2017 and Lewis Hamilton will redouble its efforts in pursuit of a championship title

Деймон Хилл: В 2017-м Льюис Хэмилтон удвоит свои усилия в погоне за чемпионским титулом

World champion 1996 Damon hill believes that in the upcoming campaign, Lewis Hamilton is obsessed to take revenge for the defeat in the 2016 season.

In the final standings-2016 the British lost Nico Rosberg just five points. Shortly after the end of the competition year, Niko had announced that ends his career of a pilot.

“Lewis is irritated from the fact that he has failed to win the domestic title last year, it slipped from his hands, – quotes the hill Mirror. I’m sure this season he will want to rectify the situation.

This rider is not afraid of anybody. I expect that in 2017 he will fight for the championship with a vengeance. He wants to chase, and he needs competitors. That might spoil the harmony? Perhaps victory Bottas or technical problems.

In the past year, people have often asked, did Lewis at their disposal the right equipment? I am sure that this year Mercedes will do everything to prove it.

In 2016 he was not lucky. This year everything should be more stable. But if things develop is not the best way, Lewis will know all about your feelings.”

Hill added: “I was pleased with the actions of Lewis in Abu Dhabi in 2016. I approve of the bravery of the pilots who put their careers above command result.

Every year there are two titles, but the pilots have own career. Sometimes a racer may say: “I’m not interested. You already got your title and now I’m going to fight for her”.

In addition, Damon does not see anything wrong with what Hamilton a lot of time on social networks.

This will be the 11th season for Hamilton in F1: he has his vision about how he will be held – continued 56-year-old Briton. – If the social network allows him to let off steam, that’s great. Because Nico left the sport because of the constant pressure.

With regard to the dominance of Mercedes, this is a complex issue. We want other teams approached her, but only honest and not artificially.

The situation when at least two pilots from the same team fighting for the title, as Simple and Senna in the McLaren era, is quite normal. But if the sport will be dominated by one car and one pilot, it may be detrimental to F1.

Now Ross brown is able to create a plan and help us to achieve our goals. He has all the ability and tools to do”.

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